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As Lylian, you have been unsecured of your restraints in the Hacklaster mental hospital by an unknown, yet teasing entity.

Venturing into the corridors you see and hear things that you can't quite explain. Can you decipher what is real, and what is a twisted spin of Lylian's aspect of reality? With a strict diet of Jam filled doughnuts, and the ability to project your intense imagination which literally changes the look and feel of the surroundings and enemies around you. You have the upper hand with the use of the extraordinarily long sleeves of your straight jacket, and a make shift
sidekick that can access otherwise un-traversable areas.

Published Sep 22, 2017
TagsFantasy, Horror, Side Scroller, Singleplayer, Spooky, story, Surreal
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Double click the LylianInstall.exe to install, Lylian!


LylianInstall.exe 199 MB


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Good game and very good experience even tho i'd improve a few things.

The music from the start was nice, but at some parts of the game i'm not entirely sure if it was fitting to the mood. Also i'd do some improvements to the resolution itself and maby a font that's more readable ( maby it's just me because i'm not a native english speaker ). But i have to say i'm excited for future episodes :) Good job!


That was a neat experience, very unique. I liked the visuals, particularly when Lylian's imagination took control. Nice job!


nice game


thank you.