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Hey there, I was pleased to complete this game, the music is good and the concept is most interesting, I found myself relating a little bit :) found a few unusual things happening (got stuck in a tree once) but apart from that I cant wait for the next episode.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


I just read this article. To be honest, I think you should've just kept episode 2 going down the road it was going and being the same type of gameplay as this game (which I loved). Considering you say this game got good reviews, why change course?

Also, in the article you indicated this was a paid game. Why is it free now? Did something happen?

Hey thanks for the comments @CureLovelyWarrior ! I truly appreciate it.

It took me way to long to make an episode, it would mean I took a few years to create them all and then release them episodically, or release an episode per year. Considering now that I released this episode in 2010 I could have had 7 episodes out by now. 

I made it free in 2017, because I felt it was time to,  I like the idea of more people getting a chance to play it and offer feedback, for when I do eventually release future games in the Lylian universe they can be vast improvements. And  after 7 years since release I wasn't earning enough from it anymore to pay any bills.

Gamersgate now offer it to new subscribers for free ( which is super nice of them.


Good game and very good experience even tho i'd improve a few things.

The music from the start was nice, but at some parts of the game i'm not entirely sure if it was fitting to the mood. Also i'd do some improvements to the resolution itself and maby a font that's more readable ( maby it's just me because i'm not a native english speaker ). But i have to say i'm excited for future episodes :) Good job!


That was a neat experience, very unique. I liked the visuals, particularly when Lylian's imagination took control. Nice job!


nice game


thank you.